Friday, April 8, 2011

Allergy Season

Allergy season is upon us. Hello red eyes, stuffy nose, frequent sneezing and congestion!! Woo hoo!!!! No? I concur. Thank goodness we can escape the outdoor "fresh air" for actual fresh air with the aide of the Aclare Air purifier. When you visit right now, you can take advantage of an amazing deal... three air purifiers for the price of two. Did I say "hello" to allergy season?? I meant goodbye.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Neighborhood Allergy Specialist

Do you have one? My small suburb has five. Yes, five. Where were these when I was a kid? Yes, you might have known Timmy that was allergic to pet dander or Jane that couldn't eat peanuts, but it seems that people are allergic to any and everything these days. I looked up the definition for allergy. Every various definition had a common word that stood out to me. Environment. Could it be that there are new allergens in our current day environment that attribute to the increasingly large numbers of people affected? And could it be that, gasp, we are all not really "allergic"? Perhaps by simply treating the air and water in our environments, we could alleviate the need for the neighborhood allergy specialist.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh so special...

That is one way to describe our current special! Right now when you buy two Aclare Air Purifiers, you will receive a third absolutely FREE. Early bird Christmas shoppers, rejoice!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Functionality, Portability, blah blah blah... CONVENIENCE.

When thinking about the air we breathe and the water we drink, I believe that we all know just how vital it is to take seriously the importance of what we are ingesting. What we are breathing. It is very easy to think about doing this. To want to do this. To mean to do this. But if it isn't convenient... hmmm. Thankfully Healthy Perceptions has taken the inconvenience off of our plates. The Aclare Air Purifier is almost literally "pocket portable". For this mom on the go, it is definitely "pocketbook portable". No cords, noises, bright lights or bulky parts. Ahhh. Convenience. It is always with me in transit to here and there and everywhere. This little wonder product has gotten a lot of hype for convenience in hotel rooms and work cubicles, but let me tell ya, the buck does not have to stop there. Hate a crowded, germ ridden doctor's office? Find a corner seat and an outlet. Lingering, unrecognizable smell in your car? Grab a small extension cord, plug in and rest easy. Can't avoid renewing your driver's license one more day? Plug in, sit back and wait for your number to be called. I could go on here, but I should go run some errands. Kids dressed and ready to go? check. Aclare travel bottle filled and in baby bag? check. Aclare Air Purifier tuck neatly and discreetly in pocketbook? check. Off to conquer the day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

On The Go!

Ever find yourself surrounded by multiple bottles of filtered water in your car? How about your office? Maybe you are even attempting to cart around two or more at the gym. And don't you just hate having to throw away a full, newly purchased bottle of water at the airport?! Well, Healthy Perceptions has a solution! The Aclare Travel Filtered Water Bottle is one amazing little product. The same technology that goes into the Aclare water pitcher is applied. Simply refill and reuse! My favorite use - throwing it in my baby's bag for easy bottle making on the go! The best part: You are not only eliminating a major hassle in your life; you are also reducing the amount of plastic bottles you use! Genius. Aclare travel water bottle

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Have you ever been affected negatively by mold? Leave a comment and share your story here! We will draw a random comment next week and the winner will receive an Aclare travel water bottle. A great way to stay hydrated with purified water while on the go!


I have heard and seen this word a lot lately. I have used this word a lot lately. On this blog, in fact. I stopped and thought about what it truly means to inhibit a toxin or pathogen. While I am light years away from understanding the vast amount of science that goes into the production of the products that I am blogging about, I do know this. They work. They work amazingly well. However, I do get curious sometimes as to how they work. To me, they are magical little devices. Devices that inhibit illness in my home. Inhibit odors in my kitchen. Inhibit a bad taste in my water. Inhibit dry skin and brittle hair. Inhibit.
I typed "inhibit definition" into my search engine today and this is the first thing that appeared:

Inhibit:To stop or restrict chemical reaction: to prevent or slow down a chemical reaction.
Well, I guess that settles that curiosity! Visit to learn more about inhibiting harmfulness in your home!!